Class Sign-up

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Late Summer Session 2019

This four week session begins the week of August 20th and ends the week of September 9th.
Tuition for this four week session is $72. Each additional sibling is $50.

Class Times
Tuesdays 5:30pm (Ages 0-5) - Miss Emma

Thursdays 9am (Ages 0-5) - Miss Emma
Thursdays 10am (Ages 0-5) - Miss Emma
Thursdays 11am (Ages 0-5) - Miss Emma

Fridays 9am (Ages 0-5) - Mister Chris
Fridays 10am (Ages 0-5) - Mister Chris
Fridays 11am (Ages 0-5) - Mister Chris

Registration is now open!


Fall Session 2019

Registration opens at 8am on Thursday, August 22nd.

This eight week session begins the week of September 30th - November 18th. This schedule is subject to change based on demand once registration opens. For this session, tuition is $144 and $100 for additional siblings.

Class Times
Mondays 9am - Mister Chris
Mondays 10am - Mister Chris
Mondays 11am - Mister Chris

Tuesdays 9am - Mister Ethan 
Tuesdays 10am - Mister Ethan 
Tuesdays 11am - Mister Ethan 
Tuesdays 5:30pm - Mister Chris

Wednesdays 9am - Mister Chris and Miss Emma
Wednesdays 10am - Mister Chris and Miss Emma
Wednesdays 11am - Mister Chris and Miss Emma

Thursdays 9am - Miss Emma
Thursdays 10am - Miss Emma
Thursdays 11am - Miss Emma

Fridays 9am - Mister Chris
Fridays 10am - Mister Chris
Fridays 11am - Mister Chris