Mister Chris and Friends

on Vermont PBS


In 2018 the first season of Mister Chris and Friends was released on VT PBS. Following many years of Music for Sprouts classroom education, Mister Chris brought his magic to the big screen!

Mister Chris continues his work as a farmer and performer who makes wishes and leads children on adventures to learn more about how wishes might come true. Along the way, he meets up with friends and finds clues that help him to explore the topic at hand. Each episode is imbued with music and movement, with a strong focus on social and emotional development.


You’ll recognize music from Music for Sprouts classes in many episodes, and see familiar faces from around the farm on episodes where Mister Chris explores Vermont!

Mister Chris and Friends emphasizes children's experience, expression, and management of emotions and the ability to establish positive and rewarding relationships with others. Mister Chris and Friends invites young children to play, explore, and learn.