Meet our Music for Sprouts educators

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Ethan Tischler // Mister ethan

Ethan has been part of Music for Sprouts and Bread & Butter farm for the last four years, teaching classes, mentoring in the Village School program, and directing Camp Bread & Butter. A Religious Studies major at Wesleyan University, he delights in connecting young folks with themselves, each other, and the earth through music and outdoor education, and is grateful for his multi-faceted role on the farm. In addition to farm activities, Ethan plays music around Vermont in the folk/trad duo Duncan & Stokes, with Mr. Chris & Friends, Emma Cook & Questionable Co., Flynn Show Choir, and various other grand musical adventures.


Emma Cook // Miss emma

Emma has been working with Music for Sprouts since the fall of 2018 as she endeavored to make music her full time pursuit (spoiler: she did it!). Emma comes from a musical family in Michigan and has been playing the piano and guitar her entire life, and was singing and dancing along to her Papa play the banjo and ukulele since before she could talk. She landed in Vermont in 2008 in pursuit of a BA in Environmental Studies and Music at the University of Vermont - combining her love of the natural world and her passion for making music. This chapter of life finds Emma living and teaching piano lessons in Burlington, touring New England and the Midwest with her bands Emma Cook & Questionable Company and EmaLou & the Beat, riding bikes, and tending her gardens. She is beyond grateful for the opportunity to connect young kiddos with music and has found it to create boundless inspiration for all other musical moments in her life. Learn more about Emma and her work at


CHris Dorman // Mister Chris

Bio Coming Soon!