Our program and approach 

Music for Sprouts strives to nourish our children, families, and communities by exploring and expressing our connection to nature and to each other through music and movement. Our primary focus is to nurture a safe creative space for our kiddos to learn and develop.

Music For Sprouts classes are also a place for new parents/caregivers to connect with each other and support each other as we take a moment to celebrate the dynamic journey that is family.

Classes take place in a beautifully renovated studio in the dairy barn of Bread & Butter Farm as well as in preschool and elementary schools around Vermont, New York, and beyond. Music For Sprouts curriculum is also the musical foundation for the children’s television program “Mister Chris and Friends” produced by Vermont PBS.

You can bring Music For Sprouts to your community! Connect to learn more by visiting our Booking Page. 


"Listening is Giving."


As Music For Sprouts educators we strive to be active listeners. We listen and respond to each kiddo using the music as medium for connection and conversation. Our hope is that all children and families who engage in our programs feel heard and celebrated in our time together.

The bond between the parents and caregivers and kiddos in our classes is where true magic exists. We strive to illuminate that magic through our song lyrics.

All families who engage in Music For Sprouts programs have access to our original music at home as well.  We are honored to be a part of families’ daily routine. Many parents and caregivers have expressed that they use Sprouts music at home and in the car to help their children navigate transitions, embrace new concepts, and make it through long car rides.